Elysian Road

by Caleb M. Powers

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Elysian Road is a hybrid orchestral/electronic instrumental album about science-fiction adventure. It includes such instrumentation as you would find in a full orchestra, as well as other instruments such as electric guitar, synthesizers, and other electronic sounds. I've been working on this album since November of last year, and have put my blood, sweat, and tears into these tracks. I hope you enjoy the hard fruits of my labor!

Elysian Road was originally a science-fiction story told by me and several close friends through a collaborative storytelling game called a role-playing game, which uses rules and dice to simulate the action. I streamed the ongoing story live weekly on Twitch (and which you can now find on YouTube at this link: bit.ly/31zzBht ), framing it as an imaginary TV show that we created together. This album is the soundtrack to this imaginary TV show, though it can certainly be enjoyed separately from Elysian Road as a science-fiction story. I’ve included context blurbs in the art book that accompanies the album, which give you information on the composition of each track, as well as where it fits in with the overall storyline of Elysian Road. Even if you don’t ever read them, though, don’t feel like you can’t enjoy the album! First and foremost, this album was created to be a selection of interesting, fun-to-listen-to pieces despite any previous context. As a hybrid orchestral/electronic album, I attempted to make this album feel like science-fiction more than anything else, so if you enjoy any movie, book, or comic that fits in that genre, I hope you’ll add this to your collection of albums that make you think “Wow, wouldn’t it be cool if I could be on a spaceship?” I know I certainly have a collection like that.

The quick pitch for the original story of Elysian Road is as follows: the main characters are mostly teenagers who were formerly pro-gamers (and prodigies in their respective fields). They all lived and worked on a planet that was the hub for competitive gaming in the isolated sector of space the narrative takes place in. After the Thousand Island Imperium came in and conquered the place, our teenage gamers were out of a job. They banded together, pooled the remainder of their earnings from being professional gamers, and bought a spaceship. They hired a pilot, a former space-trucker (the uncle of one of the characters) to fly the ship, titled Void’s Grace, and decided to become space adventurers. After all, they asked themselves, they basically did it before in a virtual world, how hard could it be in the real one?


released June 16, 2019

Jordan Summers: Electric guitar on "Bloodshot"
Anna Jewell: Album art and character portraits
Carly Pinch: Character portraits
Anthony "AJ" Weisensel: Artbook cover, Elysian Road title font, graphic design consultation

Caleb Powers: Everything else

Special thanks to Ethan Stoltzfus for being my first Patreon supporter!


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Caleb M. Powers Janesville, Wisconsin

Hi there, my name is Caleb Powers, and I'm one of those creative people you've been warned about.

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